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A study in mentoring: Spira engineering camp


This study looks at the effect of mentoring on the mentors themselves. Mentors at Spira, a free engineering camp for 10th grade girls who live in the Providence area, are campers from previous years who return and help out the current campers. This year, they were given more responsibilities that they did not have in previous years such as planning and teaching lessons, coming up with discussion topics, and attending refreshers on complex material. The confidence levels of the mentors in various categories was self-reported before and after the mentoring program, and qualitative data from mentor surveys was gathered about the effects of the added responsibilities. The results of the surveys showed that the added responsibilities were improvements to the mentoring program; they helped mentors learn new material through teaching and also gave the mentors more of a voice in the camp. The mentors reported that they felt more like role models for young women interested in engineering after mentoring.


Gluskin-Braun, Sophia, "A study in mentoring: Spira engineering camp " (2015). Summer Research Symposium. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.



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