Bactrian camel neuroimaging: diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance (set 2): coronal view

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Bactrian camel neuroimaging: diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance (set 2): coronal view
Walsh, Edward (author)
Collins, Scott (author)
Leary, Owen (author)
Merck, Derek (author)
Merck, Lisa (author)
Sherwood, Chester (author)
These files contain diffusion-­weighted magnetic resonance data collected using various techniques & coefficients specified within each folder. Each set of volumetric data has been in the coronal view and saved as a single set of DICOM data. Only image files containing visible brain tissue have been saved and included in this set. Diffusion­-weighted magnetic resonance data was collected at Brown University on a Siemens 3 Tesla PRISMA scanner. The following conditions apply to this data: Sequence: echo-­planar two-­dimensional (EP2D). Weighting: multi­-directional diffusion weighting (MDDW). Echo Time: 103 ms. Diffusion magnitude measure: apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC). Transfer Syntax: Little Endian Explicit. Slice Thickness: 1.20 mm. L-­R Angle: 0°. S-­I Angle: -90°. Scan Mode: ep2d_diff_mddw_1.8_TE103. Number of Slices: 96.
Bactrian camel
Magnetic resonance
Diffusion tensor imaging
Imaging modalities: Diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance
View: Coronal view


Walsh, Edward, Collins, Scott, Leary, Owen, et al., "Bactrian camel neuroimaging: diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance (set 2): coronal view" (2016). Bactrian Camel Brain Imaging. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.


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