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The Power of Writing in Deguchi Nao's Ofudesaki


In 1892 Deguchi Nao, an impoverished Japanese widow who had suffered for decades in an arranged marriage with an alcoholic husband, began hearing voices and channeling spirits. She was told that the world was about to be destroyed for its disobedience to the divine beings called kami, that she had been chosen to be the medium of a kami named Ushitora no Konjin, that Konjin would try to save as many people as he could from the cataclysm and usher in a golden age, and that her little village of Ayabe would become the center of the world. (originally published in Female Leaders in New Religious Movements, Palgrave, 2017)


Morrow, Avery, "The Power of Writing in Deguchi Nao's Ofudesaki" (2017). Brown University Student Publications. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.



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