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Instructional Coaching: Key Themes from the Literature


The Education Alliance at Brown University, working in partnership with Hezel Associates, produced this literature review on instructional coaching to serve as a resource to the PBS Peer Connections Design Team. The Education Alliance scanned and synthesized key themes from the literature on instructional coaching to leverage findings that could be used to guide the Peer Connections Design Team in integrating technology for online professional development. This synthesis is more modest in scope than a comprehensive literature review. It addresses several salient questions about instructional coaches, looking across a variety of research studies and practitioner accounts. Instructional coaching grows out of several trends that have been surfacing in research and practice over the past two decades. These trends include an emphasis on professional collaboration, job-embedded professional development, and differentiated roles for teachers. The report concludes by characterizing the current state of research on instructional coaching, noting that there is a growing body of information about the instructional coaching role, but as yet, little definitive evidence about its impact. Published 2006 by The Education Alliance at Brown University. Author(s): Jennifer Borman, Stephanie Feger

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"Instructional Coaching: Key Themes from the Literature" (2006). The Education Alliance at Brown University. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.



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