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The Theater that was Rome

A digital collection of views and maps from Rome of the 16th-18th century. The collection features a selection of works from the extraordinary collection of Vincent J. Buonanno '66, focused on views and maps of the Eternal City from the 16th-18th centuries. Festival prints and architectural treatises from the collection of the John Hay Library are also included.

Evie Lincoln has been studying and teaching about engraving and early modern Rome with this digital collection of illustrated books. Her primary interest is in the books themselves: how the authors, engravers and publishers presented the information about Rome to their audience. The digital presentation of these rare and expensive books allows readers to study not only the images, but also the text and context of the books. For more information see also: The Theater That Was Rome

The images in this collection are free to use for scholarly publications only; please credit the "Collection of Vincent J. Buonanno" in the citation for any images used.

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Items (1-20) out of 207 results