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"Saneamento básico já!" Movimento de Saúde da Zona Leste (MSZL)


This evocative flyer calls residents of São Paulo's eastern urban periphery to a meeting with state officials to demand basic sanitation infrastructure in the region. The image of the weeping mother and child with a pipe pouring sewage into a stream is meant to evoke the fact that millions of periphery residents lacked access to the municipal sewer network, causing widespread disease due to infected groundwater. Collection: Movimento de Saúde da Zona Leste (MSZL)


Movimento de Saúde da Zona Leste (MSZL), "'Saneamento básico já!' Movimento de Saúde da Zona Leste (MSZL)" (1987). Grassroots Archive Digital Initiative. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.



  • Grassroots Archive Digital Initiative

    This digital collection offers a preview of work done by the Grassroots Archive Digital Initiative (GADI) during its pilot project in São Paulo, Brazil from 2017 to 2019. GADI aims to create digital archives that are jointly managed by communities, …