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The little princess and Gulliver -- Vide Gulliver's voyage to England


Recalling earlier satires which cast Napoleon as Jonathan Swift's Gulliver, this print imagines the revenge of the young princess on Napoleon's shrunken figure. Princess Charlotte is regally dressed in a cap crowned with feathers and a rich headpiece upon which is inscribed, "Ich Di[en]." A rope of pearls to which is attached a portrait miniature of the Prince of Wales is wound around her neck, and additional pearl bracelets decorate her wrists. This authoritative little girl stands over a large bowl full of liquid into which Napoleon has been dropped. Napoleon flails his arms and attempts to swim his way to safety towards the young princess. The bowl in which Napoleon struggles like a shipwrecked sailor is decorated with a oriental scene, the ornamental nature of which further adds to the comedy of the scene.
Published by Samuel W. Fores. 1803-10-21
Caption: Pubd Octobr 21st 1803 by S W Forews 50 Piccadilly
Dialogue: Princess Charlotte: "There you impertinent boasting swaggering Pigmy,--take that;--You attempt to take my Grandpap's Crown, indeed, and plunder all his Subjects, I'll let you know that the Spirit and Indignation of every Girl in the Kingdom is roused at your Insolence."
Annotation: 546/10-
Collector's Mark: [a small triangle, or perhaps the letter "A"]

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"The little princess and Gulliver -- Vide Gulliver's voyage to England" (1803). Prints, Drawings and Watercolors from the Anne S.K. Brown Military Collection, Napoleonic Satires. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.



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