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A "liberal" surrender --"any thing to beat Grant".


Wood-engraving. In the center is a cannon marked "Cincinnati Convention" manned by Senators Thomas Tipton, Reuben Fenton, and Lyman Trumbull. It faces the forces of Grant (smoking a cigar under the flag on the far left) heading their way, with a cannon bearing the words the Republican "Philadelphia Convention." A pair of defecting Republicans scramble for cover. on the left. Standing on the wall of a fort is Carl Schurz, founder of the Liberal Republican Party waving a white flag which reads, 'Truce. We surrender anything to beat Grant.' Horace Greeley stands next to him blowing a trumpet, which is upside down. A newspaper in his pocket reads 'What I know about blowing.' Climbing over the wall, on the right, is group bearing the flag of 'Democratic Party, Seymour Blair'. Behind them to the right are men representing the Ku Klux Klan, Copperheads, Slavery, the Confederate States of America, and the Tammany Ring. Attempting to scale the rampart is Nathan Bedford Forrest, while at the lower wall are lower right is Jefferson Davis, Frank Blair and presidential nominee Horatio Seymour. Inside the fortification, ex-President Andrew Johnson creeps out from under the tent in the far right foreground. The tent at lower left has figures of (left-right) Trumbull, Tipton, and Schurz caricatured on its panels.
From Harper's Weekly, May 11, 1872, page 364.
Hanover, N.H., Book & Print Shop, 1955.

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Nast, Thomas, "A 'liberal' surrender --'any thing to beat Grant'." (1872). Prints, Drawings and Watercolors from the Anne S.K. Brown Military Collection. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.