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Semantic Heterogeneity Among Document Encoding Schemes


Semantic heterogeneity in document encoding systems is a serious obstacle to the interoperability required to create a critical mass of content for the electronic publishing industry. This is a problem which persists even after a common syntax (e.g. XML) has been adopted, and sometimes even when common vocabularies are used. To address this problem the Scholarly Technology Group (STG) at Brown University undertook a project, supported by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, to develop a framework for analyzing the fundamental features of semantic heterogeneity in document encoding systems. This report represents a first step in developing tools and techniques for resolving the difficulties semantic heterogeneity creates for the electronic publishing industry in general, and for the ebook industry in particular.


Caton, Paul, and Durand, David G., "Semantic Heterogeneity Among Document Encoding Schemes" (2002). Center for Digital Scholarship. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.



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