Buried with him by baptism

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Buried with him by baptism
Brown Olio
Revere, Paul, 1735-1818 (creator)
Date Issued
between 1760 and 1780?
Depiction of the baptism of Christ, by full immersion/submersion: John the Baptist holding Jesus, who is leaning backwards, both fully clothed and chest-deep in water (labelled "JORDAN"), watched from the bank at right by 12 male figures in modified 18th-c. garb, presumably representing the 12 Apostles; in the background, a town on the left, and trees and a house with crenellated tower at right; above, two pairs of angels on clouds at left and right; at top, the sun, with Hebrew lettering (tetragrammaton) from which emanate a dove on left and on right the words "This is my beloved Son--hear ye him." Image enclosed in a thick-thin frame with arched top, lettered below the frame.
P. Revere sculp.
Title from item.
"The print may have accompanied some book or pamphlet on baptism, but an examination of all copies of all the American tracts on baptism from 1760 to 1780, in fact several copies of each tract, shows no evidence that an engraving or frontispiece was included. Apparently Revere made the engraving as a separately issued item, either for a friend or because of his desire to engrave such a subject. The crudeness of the engraving leads to the belief that Revere designed the print rather than copied it from an English original. At least no copy of such an engraving has been found in an English book or periodical."--Brigham, p. 152.
Paper and sheet size vary; e.g. Clark-Holden copy, described by Sotheby's ("Fine books and manuscripts including Americana", New York, 11 Dec. 2007, sale N08375, lot 43) as wove paper with Whatman watermark, 192 x 125 mm (though image appears to show wirelines of laid paper); Brown University copy on laid paper with portion of watermark (fleur-de-lis?), 195 x 125 mm, plate printed slightly askew; American Antiquarian Society copy (Revere Collection) trimmed inside plate mark.
1 print : engraving ; plate mark 17.9 x 11.9 cm.
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Revere, Paul, "Buried with him by baptism" Brown Olio. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library. https://repository.library.brown.edu/studio/item/bdr:42110/


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