Effect Of Mucin On Hydrodynamic Diameter And Zeta Potential Of Polymeric Nanospheres

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Effect Of Mucin On Hydrodynamic Diameter And Zeta Potential Of Polymeric Nanospheres
Goldenshtein, Victoria (creator)
Mathiowitz, Edith (Advisor)
Darling, Eric (Reader)
Tripathi, Anubhav (Reader)
Brown University. Biology and Medicine: Biomedical Engineering (sponsor)
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The degree of interaction between nanoencapsulated material and gastrointestinal mucin can be an important determinant in efficiency of absorption of orally delivered therapeutics. Mucus lining of gastrointestinal tract successfully entraps and eliminates the majority of nanoparticles, making it hard to achieve therapeutically relevant levels of drugs systemically. Although numerous studies have tackled the problem of poor mucosal permeability, little is known about the effect of physicochemical particles’ properties such as size, composition, charge, and surface chemistry on their interaction with mucin. This study utilized changes in DLS measurements of hydrodynamic diameter and zeta potential of polymeric nanospheres in purified mucin from porcine stomach to predict their affinity to mucin fibers. An array of polymeric nanospheres with different physicochemical characteristics were used. While non-adhesive PEG-PLGA did not show significant change, highly bioadhesive PBMAD and polystyrene (PS) nanospheres exhibited biggest increase in effective size in mucin compared to water. These findings highlight the correlation between bioadhesion and degree of interaction with mucin. All tested polymers illustrated significant reduction in negative zeta potential in mucin compared to water. Calculation of surface charge concentration revealed that while all tested polymers experienced 80-90% of charge masking by mucin, PS samples had 96-99% reduction of original charge in water, compared to 47-71% surface charge reduction for PEG-PLGA samples. High degree of bioadhesion, therefore, might aid in masking and neutralization of negative surface charge of polymeric nanoparticles.
Oral Drug Delivery
Polymeric nanoparticles
Biological Barriers
Mucin interaction with nanospheres
Thesis (Sc. M.)--Brown University, 2017
xii, 88 p.


Goldenshtein, Victoria, "Effect Of Mucin On Hydrodynamic Diameter And Zeta Potential Of Polymeric Nanospheres" (2017). Biomedical Engineering Theses and Dissertations. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library. https://doi.org/10.7301/Z0NP22W3